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  • JNF aims to turn Israel diamonds from rough to ready

    The Jewish National Fund has been associated historically with planting trees in Israel. Now the century-old charity is working to make sure that Israelis will have decent places to put good wood on the ball.

  • Two jailed for Torah theft in Texas

    Two men were arrested for allegedly stealing a Torah scroll from a Texas synagogue.

  • Wiesel addresses evangelical Christians

    Elie Wiesel addressed a gathering of evangelical Christians at a salute to Israel hosted by the John Hagee Ministries.

  • Obama marks Israel-Jordan peace pact

    President Obama commemorated the 15th anniversary of a peace agreement between Jordan and Israel.

  • Nimoy narrates film about historic synagogue

    Actor Leonard Nimoy narrates a new documentary about a historic synagogue designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

  • Examining the Israel debate on campus

    In keeping with their message of youth engagement, the J Street conference featured a panel of speakers from several campuses across the country. Giving their two cents about campus dialogues about Israel were representatives from Hampshire College (of false-Israel-divestment-accusation fame), University of Maryland, University of Colorado at Boulder and Harvard University. Panelists agreed that tensions…

  • Ben-Ami: J Street conference “the birth of a movement”

    The buzz surrounding the J Street conference at the Grant Hyatt Hotel in DC has apparently gotten around.  The latest numbers indicate that 1500 people are in attendance — blame late walk-in registrants for the lower number reported earlier — and roughly 150 members of the press are currently milling about (including yours truly).  In…

  • Israeli scientists allowed to attend Egyptian conference

    Israeli scientists will be allowed to participate in an Egyptian conference hosted by Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

  • U.S. Senate approves security grant funding increase

    The U.S. Senate approved an increase in funding for the protection of religious organizations.

  • Supreme Court denies appeal for terror victim

    The parents of an American teenager killed in a terrorist attack in Israel cannot collect damages from an alleged funder of Hamas.