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  • Op-Ed: A Jewish approach to the ‘differently abled’

    Traditional Judaism’s approach to disability is a mixed bag, but one blessing shows a path to compassion, writes Rabbi Sid Schwarz.

  • Op-Ed: Hugging and wrestling with Israel

    The Jewish people must be allowed to engage in the kind of struggle on the State of Israel as Jacob did in wrestling with a heavenly being, writes author and activist Rabbi Sid Schwarz.

  • Op-Ed: Jewish social entrepreneurship and its discontents

    A veteran social entrepreneur offers some advice to the next generation and the funders that love them (at least for now).

  • Op-Ed: Jews, 9/11 and the greater good

    Advancing a social responsibility agenda in the Jewish community is the best continuity strategy, the founder of the Panim Institute of BBYO writes.

  • Synagogues must change

    WASHINGTON, Aug. 20 (JTA) — The changing agenda of the Jewish community is increasingly well-documented. For the better part of the postwar period, the Jewish community focused its communal energies and resources on an ethnic/survivalist agenda. But the ethnic/survivalist agenda, which stirred the passions of an entire era of American Jews, no longer excites younger…