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  • The Conservative movement can, and should, welcome the intermarried

    (JTA) — Contemporary Jewish life is graced by extraordinary blessing: We are the heirs of a Torah of compassion and justice that has grown ever more supple and vibrant because of the dynamic nature of halachah (Jewish law) and the opportunity to observe mitzvot (commandments). At the same time, modernity has removed barriers of discrimination…

  • Conservative Judaism will thrive by focusing on meaning, not just membership

    NEW YORK (JTA) — We are living at a moment of great disruption. We all sense it. We all experience it. It impacts every aspect of our lives — education, economics, politics, social society. Judaism is not immune to these forces. Changes in demography; declines in synagogue membership, educational fluency and connection; the rise of…

  • Op-Ed: Re-engineered United Synagogue has made great strides

    United Synagogue’s leader writes that his organization has come a long way from the crisis of three years ago, but some in the media, including JTA, remain wedded to a narrative of decline.