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is JTA's web content producer and also in charge of weekly video packages and occasional design projects. Uri is from Tel Aviv, Israel and a graduate of the University of Oregon School of Journalism. He has interned with several television stations in Portland, Ore., and in CBS News in New York.


  • JTA 5773: Year in Review

    Best viral videos, top photos, most scandalous scandals. JTA staff help you close out 5773 with a look back at the year that was.

  • JTA 5773: Top 10 photos

    10. Thousands celebrate the Belz dynasty wedding 9. Obama visits Yad Vashem 8. The greatest locust invasion since … well, you know 7. Shimon Peres’ cool friend 6. Shimon Peres’ tall friend 5. Jon and Benny break a glass 4. Iron Dome missile in action 3. Brooklyn Torah scrolls damaged during Hurricane Sandy 2. Women of the Wall leader Anat Hoffman…

  • Samsung buys Israeli Web TV startup Boxee

    Samsung acquired the Israeli streaming media startup Boxee for $30 million.

  • David Stern getting booed at the NBA Draft: The Supercut

    A Supercut of David Stern getting booed during last night’s NBA Draft.

  • Car racing on the streets of Jerusalem (VIDEO)

    Formula 1 drivers and motorcyclists drivers put on a display in Jerusalem. Check out the video.

  • Female IDF soldiers post striptease video, use rifles as pole

    A new video shows female IDF soldiers using their M-16 as a stripper pole.

  • Three adorable puppies rescued in the Negev

    Three adorable puppies were rescued after being abandoned in the Negev Desert.

  • Will Britney Spears save Amanda Bynes?

    The meltdown of the once beloved Nickelodeon star Amanda Bynes is still going on, and it still feels like sitting next to a crying baby on a plane – it’s annoying, it’s painful, it’s slow and we are stuck with it for what seems like eternity. But hey, we might as well report about it….

  • Watch two Palestinan kids ride a giant snake

    Being a kid is fun. Even if you grow up in areas that are slightly on the more dangerous side, like the city of Ramallah, you can still have a good time. A Palestinian brother and sister seen in this video uploaded to YouTube yesterday spend their free time riding a giant python snake, albeit…

  • What else looks like Hitler? (VIDEO)

    Some folks think a a tea kettle for sale at JC Penney bears a striking resemblance to a certain wartime German leader. But that’s not the only thing that looks like Hitler.