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  • Croatian partisans get together

    Croatian Jews recently honored a World War II partisan battalion made up of Jews who had been prisoners in an Italian-run concentration camp on the island of Rab.

  • Jewish school opens in Croatia

    When the Jews of Zagreb celebrate Rosh Hashanah, they will have more than just the new year to celebrate,They will also have a new Jewish elementary school – the first Jewish school to open in the former Yugoslavia since World War II.

  • Former Croatian shul could get new life

    If a group of Croatian Jews succeed, a weed-filled hilltop that once held the great Vukovar Synagogue will someday hold a new synagogue and center for multiethnic peace. Now the search is on to find documents to prove that the Jewish community owns the la

  • Croatia supports Zagreb synagogue

    Croatia’s government is providing the funds for the preliminary stage of construction of a Jewish center and synagogue that will rise from the ashes of a Zagreb synagogue that was destroyed during World War II.

  • Study: Croatian texts teach hate

    Croatian textbooks are teaching violence and intolerance, according to the director of the museum at Jasenovac, the concentration camp operated by Croatia’s Ustashe fascist regime during World War II.

  • Errors hamper Croatian restitution

    Changes to a Croatian law were expected to increase the number of people receiving restitution for property nationalized by the Croatian government during and after World War II. But a series of missteps and mistakes is leading to worries that many people

  • Croatia census reflects Jewish realities

    Croatia’s recently issued census appears to indicate that some of the nation’s Jews are unwilling to admit their background.

  • Croatian paper demands Jews blast Israel

    A Croatian newspaper is calling on the country’s Jews to criticize Israel’s recent military actions against the Palestinians. The Jewish community’s newspaper compared the call to a similar Communist-era campaign.

  • A mikvah grows in Zagreb

    The largely secular Jewish community in Zagreb is about to get a mikvah.

  • Jewish authors slammed in Croatia

    The authors of a book on the Holocaust in Croatia are coming under attack for their depiction of a Catholic leader´s actions during the Nazi years.