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  • Jewish composer stands tall in Armenia

    A Jewish composer is making his name in Armenia, thanks in part to a concert of his works that the government sponsored to celebrate minorities.

  • Subbotniks struggle to survive

    The Subbotniks, a rural community in the former Soviet Union who descended from Russian peasants that converted to Judaism two centuries ago, may soon be consigned to the dustbin of history.

  • Possible kosher wine shortage in Russia

    Imported wines and spirits are being kept out of Russian markets this summer, creating a potential problem for religiously observant Russian Jews.

  • Armenian Jews fear influx from Lebanon

    Armenia’s Jewish community is bracing for a possible wave of anti-Semitism as hundreds of Lebanese Armenians taking refuge from the fighting in southern Lebanon stream into the former Soviet republic.

  • Planned Nazi SS veteran march unsettles Latvia

    The recent uproar in Latvia over a proposed march by veterans of the Nazi SS highlighted the ambivalent relationship the Baltic nation has with its World War II behavior.

  • Latvian law would return Jewish properties

    A proposed law in Latvia would return some 200 Jewish-owned properties seized during World War II to the community.

  • New JCC in Russia stands empty

    Four months after an impressive opening ceremony for the JCC in St. Peterbsurg, Russia, the center is fully built but stands empty.

  • Linguistic rift divides Estonian Jews

    With most Estonian Jews more comfortable speaking Russian than Estonian, is the country’s Jewish community distancing itself from its fellow citizens?

  • Wave of anti-Semitism hits Russian city

    A wave of vandalism, coinciding with the start of the Jewish New Year, has hit the Jewish community of St. Petersburg, Russia.

  • Camp for Soviet Jews in Austria remembered

    When my family left the Soviet Union in November 1989, we were among the first wave of Jewish refugee families to reach Kinderdorf, a summer retreat in this small rural Austrian town.