Jewish Tradition, in Neon


If Andy Warhol lit Shabbat candles, chances are they’d look like this.

Yitzchok Moully, an Australian-raised painter and photographer (he now lives in New Jersey) is a Hasidic Jew raised by former hippies. This might explain his interesting position in the art world.

With a loud style and subtle humor, Moully subverts Jewish icons while, at the same time, paying tribute to them. For example, in one picture, a line of Hasidim in ankle-length coats and fur hats is instantly recognizable…only they’re silhouetted in neon yellow and posed like the Beatles on the Abbey Road album cover.

Moully’s aesthetic is unusual, but respectful. And there’s an added dimension–that this Hasidic art isn’t just pictures of Hasidim, but pictures by a Hasid, giving us an insider’s perspective into this insular culture.

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