Matisyahu Meets the Ukulele


Picture it: A crowded public bus. Someone pulls out a ukulele and begins jamming. Within seconds, the entire bus is singing along to the song.

Now, imagine that the song is Matisyahu‘s anthem “One Day” and the bus is in Jerusalem. It’s just one of a surprising number of Matisyahu’s songs covered on YouTube by all sorts of people, young and old, of all different ethnicities and backgrounds. From a 9-year-old girl to a college guy with a 9-inch-tall Afro, it’s touching to see people giving their own spin to these songs.

What’s most surprising, though, is how many of these covers are performed on the ukulele–a tiny Hawaiian guitar. Where does this trend come from? Sometimes it’s better not to ask questions…and, instead, just let the music move you.

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