Happy Jewniversary!


Happy birthday to Jewniverse! Today, your favorite daily email of Jewish random fun stuff is one year old. To celebrate, we thought we’d look back at a few of some notable Jewniverse features from the last year.

  • Jews in Space
    A short story about Jewish aliens. Who somehow have a Torah of their own and wear yarmulkes–even though they’ve never been in contact with Earth before.
  • Yiddish Workout Video
    Shvitzin’ to the oldies was never so fun.
  • Lego Bible Scenes
    Bible scenes made out of Lego bricks. Simple and straightforward, but no less awesome.
  • The Rabbi and the Prostitute
    Rabbi Eleazar dedicated his life to visiting prostitutes. One day, he meets a woman who makes him question everything. (Yes, this was really in the Talmud.)
  • Ghosts of Jews in Poland
    An artist takes images of Jews from World War II-era photos and glues them to the buildings where they once lived.
  • Samson Koletkar
    An Indian Jewish stand-up comic who jokes about San Francisco, the Bible, and how the rest of us don’t look Jewish.

Thanks for an amazing and fun first year! We’ve got tons of fun stuff up our sleeves for the next one–from here, we hope, it only gets bigger and better. Follow us (and talk to us!) on Facebook and Twitter, and please, tell your friends to sign up and share our Jewniversary.

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