Old Jewish Men


Remember Garbage Pail Kids? Those drawings of Cabbage Patch Kids gone Sour Patch? Take the imagination and somewhat offbeat whimsy of that, replace the kids with old Jewish men, and what do you get? Old Jewish Men! Colorful posters of elderly Jewish male archetypes, with Yiddish names befitting their characters. Your Hanukkah gift search ends here and now.

There’s Moishe Shluffen, who plays chess in the park in between naps, Sponge Burstyn Square Tuchus, whose name speaks for itself, and Zeide Zulu, who puts the Tribe back in Tribal. Then there’s Finkel Pickle, who is stuck in the most delicious of predicaments, and Haber Alte Kaker who…well, his name says it all.

The prints are a labor of love made by Courtney Bernard, Yankel Farkash, and Isaac Buchman, independent artists who are no strangers to New York’s Lower East Side.

Their work was inspired by their shared affection for old Jewish men, and stems from a combined love of puns and Yiddish – though at times the line between humor and offense seems a bit blurred. Prints are made to order, and if you’re in the market for a unique Hanukkah gift, receipt-free gift delivery is available.


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