NY Jewish Week’s 36 to Watch 2022

For the past 15 years, the New York Jewish Week has honored remarkable Jewish New Yorkers for their contributions in the arts, religion, culture, business, politics and philanthropy. The goal was clear: to identify the young innovators who are remaking the Jewish community, or contributing to society in ways that draw upon their diverse Jewish identities and sensibilities. 

Our annual list of changemakers returns this year — but with a difference: What was once “36 Under 36” is now “36 to Watch,” a recognition that innovation and disruption are not bound by something as arbitrary as age. Our honorees include a 23-year-old star athlete as well as a 98-year-old Holocaust survivor still creating his defiant, life-affirming paintings. They join a group of individuals, including some you may know and others you should, who together paint a portrait of a city, and its Jewish community, reinventing itself after a period of loss and upheaval. 

Keep reading to celebrate their achievements.


This year’s 36 to Watch was written and produced by: Ben Harris, Caleb Guedes-Reed, Andrew Silow-Carroll, Lisa Keys, Philissa Cramer, Julia Gergely, Jackie Hajdenberg, Jacob Henry and Madeline Fixler.