Acquitted AMIA bombing suspect says Israel kills ‘kids in Palestine’


BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (JTA) — A week after being acquitted of being involved in the 1994 AMIA Jewish center bombing in Buenos Aires, an Argentine car dealer tweeted about how Israel kills “kids in Palestine.”

Carlos Telleldin had been accused of providing the van that would explode at the Jewish center, killing 85, and served 10 years in prison for his involvement. But in a second trial, a federal court decided “to acquit Carlos Alberto Telleldin for the facts that he was accused” without providing further explanation. Outraged Jewish Argentine institutions have vowed to appeal.

On Sunday, Telleldin wrote a cryptic tweet about his innocence.

“Some opt for fiction, others choose truth. The historical truth is reconstructed in courts for a sentence, and for the rest, I recommend reading E A poe,” he wrote, referencing the writer Edgar Allan Poe.

A day later he added: “Read, inform yourself about ignorant people who want to teach us? They want to give us lessons about morality and kill kids in Palestine.”

Israel was not involved in the AMIA bombing. Iran and Hezbollah, the Lebanese terrorist group it funds, have been tied to the attack, which also injured hundreds.

Argentine courts had nullified the original trial and sentence after it was discovered that Telleldin accepted a bribe to participate. The second trial started in 2019, a decade after a request by Jewish groups claiming that the evidence collected before the illegal payment should be considered valid.

In his first tweet, Telleldin included an image of a book cover with the title “AMIA Case: The Great Lie.”

International Jewish leaders have lamented for decades that no one has paid a steep enough price for the attack.

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