Alabama congressman says Democrats and media used Nazi tactic in accusing Trump


(JTA) — An Alabama Republican congressman compared Democrats and the media with the Nazis and quoted Adolf Hitler during a speech on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Mo Brooks on Monday condemned the Mueller investigation and its supporters, accusing Democrats and members of the media of propagating a “big lie” about possible collusion with the Russians by the Trump White House.

Brooks quoted from Hitler’s book 1925 “Mein Kampf,” in which the Nazi leader coined the term “big lie” to describe propaganda that Hitler said placed unfair blame on Germany for World War I. Hitler’s own propagandists would later embrace the tactic.

“A big lie is a political propaganda technique made famous by Germany’s National Socialist German Workers Party, but more on that later,” Brooks said, referring to the Nazi Party. “For more than two years, socialist Democrats and their fake news media allies — CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, Washington Post and countless others — have perpetrated the biggest political lie, con, scam and fraud in American history.”

After referring to Democrats as “socialists,” Brooks described Hitler as “another socialist who mastered big lie propaganda  to maximum and deadly effect.”

Brooks concluded: “America can either learn from history or be doomed to repeat it. When it comes to ‘big lie’ political propaganda in America, as the Mueller report confirms, America’s socialists and their fake news media allies are experts and have no peers. Regardless, America must reject their big lies or succumb to the danger that lurks, and horrific damage that results.”

The Anti-Defamation League condemned Brooks.

“It’s unconscionable for a member of Congress to demonize an opposing party by claiming it’s comparable to Nazism,” the ADL said in a tweet. “The vicious Nazi regime was responsible for the murder of 6 million Jews and millions more. This is dangerous and @RepMoBrooks must apologize.”

Brooks posted a video of his speech on the House floor on his YouTube channel.

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