Anti-Semitic tirade filmed by Jewish author at Northern Ireland bar


(JTA) — An anti-Semitic tirade in a Northern Ireland bar filmed by Jewish director and author Tuvia Tenenbom is being investigated by police.

Someone who saw the video on social media apparently filed the complaint.

Tenenbom, who has written several books that explore how Jews are viewed in the world, including “Catch the Jew,” was in Northern Ireland to research a new book. He said the patrons at a Derry bar knew he was filming, though he did not tell them that he was Jewish.

Tenenbom asked them why there are so many Palestinian flags flying in the area. Patrons responded by telling him how they feel about Jews and Israelis.

“The only thing Hitler did wrong was he didn’t kill enough f***ing Jews,” said one patron. Others called Jews the “scourge of the earth” and Israelis “child-murdering scum,” according to the Belfast Telegraph.

Tenenbom told the “Frank Mitchell Phone-In” radio show on U105 in Belfast that he has dealt with this type of anti-Semitism before and met many people who are sympathetic to the Palestinian cause.

But, he said, “I don’t think I ever have met people who have so much hatred for the Jews as I met in Northern Ireland and Ireland, and that includes Derry.”

Tenenbom said the people “were honest,” telling him “we don’t like the Jews no matter what.”

He said “They know nothing about any other trouble spots in the world, which is ridiculous as there are so many.”

“You want to identify with people who suffer in the world, I have no problem with it, but identify with all those that suffer,” the author said. “There is suffering all over.”

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