Batwoman is Jewish in new series — but the bat mitzvah scene is out


(JTA) — There was only room for so many bats in CW’s much-anticipated Batwoman series.

Producers were planning to include a scene of the Jewish superhero coming home from her bat mitzvah. Ultimately it didn’t make the cut, producers revealed Sunday, TV Line reported.

However, the main character, whose real name is Kate Kane, will still be Jewish and her identity will be addressed in other ways.

“We’re trying to find ways of incorporating that without it being a huge thing,” said showrunner Caroline Dries, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Model and actress Ruby Rose will portray Kane in the show, which premieres Oct. 6. Rose has a number tattoos, including one of a cross, and some of them will be covered in the series since her character is Jewish, according to TV Line.

Another notable aspect of Batwoman’s identity that will feature prominently is her sexual orientation. She is the first lesbian superhero to have a series of her own.

“We want everyone to watch this, especially young people, who can identify and relate to people they’re watching on the screen and hopefully be empowered by that,” said Rose, who is openly gay.

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