Doubling down on anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, rapper Ice Cube tweets again — and faces a backlash


(JTA) — Two days after being criticized for tweeting a mural some have called anti-Semitic, the rapper Ice Cube was back at it on Wednesday, tweeting images associated with multiple conspiracy theories — and facing open criticism from other celebrities.

One image is of a Star of David with a cube in its center. A subsequent tweet shows black cube structures in different places around the world — the implication being that Jewish control spans the globe.

The tweet was hit with a warning from Twitter saying that it “might contain sensitive content.”

The message prompted another wave of criticism, including from prominent journalist Roxane Gay and commentator Marc Lamont Hill, who has apologized after being wrapped up in an anti-Semitism controversy of his own in 2018.

In response to Hill, Cube said he was just being “pro-Black.”

Ice Cube has long had a fraught relationship with Jews: The NWA founder supports Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan (see his anti-Semitic Twitter history here), has toyed with anti-Semitic concepts in lyrics and allegedly assaulted and shouted epithets at a rabbi in 2015. Marlow Stern details Ice Cube’s history of anti-Semitism in the Daily Beast.

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