Elizabeth Warren urges two-state solution after announcing presidential bid


(JTA) — Sen. Elizabeth Warren, appearing in New Hampshire hours after she announced her bid for president in 2020,  acknowledged the need for a strong Israel, but “we need to think about what our support for Israel means.”

Asked in the first primary state how, as commander in chief, she would act to improve stability in the Middle East, the Massachusetts Democrat responded: “Israel lives in a dangerous part of the world where there are not a lot of liberal democracies,” Warren said. “We need a strong Israel there.”

But she said “a good ally is an ally that promotes peace” and supports basic humanitarian efforts.

Warren also said that the United States should be pushing Israel and the Palestinian Authority toward a two-state solution, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Warren attended a town hall meeting on Saturday in Dover after officially announcing her candidacy in Lawrence, Massachusetts.

Asked what she thought of Israel’s West Bank settlements and “basically an apartheid situation in Palestine now,” here’s how Warren responded, according to The Algemeiner:

She “thanked the voter for his question and replied with generalities in which voters from a variety of viewpoints about Israel might find themes to sympathize.”

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