Germany’s Angela Merkel calls out anti-Semitism ahead of Holocaust Remembrance Day


(JTA) — German Chancellor Angela Merkel in a video released ahead of International Holocaust Remembrance Day, called on every citizen to fight against anti-Semitism and xenophobia.

She decried anti-Semitism by Germans and also hatred of Jews by Muslim migrants, as well as hatred of Israel.

“People growing up today must know what people were capable of in the past, and we must work proactively to ensure that it is never repeated,” Merkel said.

International Holocaust Remembrance Day was marked this year on Sunday, Jan. 27.

Merkel called for new ways to remember the Holocaust, as there are fewer and fewer survivors and other eyewitnesses to the Nazi genocide.

“It will be crucial in the coming time to find new ways of remembrance,” she said. “We must look more closely at the personalities of people who were victims back then, and to tell their stories.”

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