Iran’s stockpiles of enriched uranium breaches nuclear deal limit


(JTA) — Iran’s stockpiles of enriched uranium have breached the limit set out in the nuclear deal it signed with the world powers.

The news of the violation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or JCPOA, was first reported on Monday by the semi-official Iranian Fars news agency. Fars cited an “informed source.” The limit of low-enriched uranium under the deal stood at 300 kilograms.

The source also told Fars that Iran will continue to abrogate other parts of the nuclear deal following a meeting on Friday of the joint JCPOA commission in Vienna.

“The results of the joint JCPOA meeting held recently in Vienna were far from Iran’s righteous demands based on the nuclear deal and failed to meet our demands,” the source told Fars. “The Islamic Republic of Iran will firmly continue its move to decrease the nuclear deal undertakings.”

The United States pulled out of the deal last year and has imposed economic sanctions against the Islamic Republic.

European nations, in order to maintain the deal, are scrambling to set up a mechanism to bypass the sanctions imposed by the Trump administration. Europe, Russia and China still abide by the agreement.

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