Israel strikes Iranian, Syrian targets on Golan Heights and near Damascus


(JTA) — Israeli aircraft struck several Syrian army and Iranian targets in Syria as payback for the mining of roads in the Golan, the Israeli army said.

The strikes Wednesday morning, in which Syrian authorities said three military personnel were killed and one was wounded, were against Syrian army positions and targets used by the Iranian Al Quds Force, an Israel Defense Forces officer told Reuters. It was in retaliation for the planting of explosive devices in the Golan Tuesday, he added.

Eight targets in the area stretching from the Syrian Golan Heights to the Damascus periphery were attacked, Reuters quoted Lieutenant-Colonel Jonathan Conricus, an Israeli military spokesman, as saying.

An Iranian headquarters at Damascus international airport was hit, as well as a “secret military site” that served as a “hosting facility for senior Iranian delegations when they come to Syria to operate” and the 7th Division of the Syrian armed forces, he said.

Syrian anti-aircraft batteries were also hit “after they fired at our aircraft and at our ordnance”, Conricus said.

Three anti-personnel improvised explosive devices were discovered on Tuesday near an Israeli military position in the Golan Heights, Conricus told foreign reporters.

“The actual planting of the IEDs was done by Syrian locals but the guidance, instruction and control was by the Iranian Quds Force,” Conricus said.

Syria has not acknowledged the presence of Iranian troops in its territory. Israel has repeatedly struck those forces, along with Hezbollah targets.

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