2 Israelis stabbed in Jerusalem, police kill Palestinian assailant


(JTA) — Two people were injured, one seriously, in a Jerusalem stabbing attack Friday morning that ended with the slaying of the Palestinian assailant.

Footage filmed by security cameras showed the stabber attacking and seriously wounding Gavriel Lavi, 50, then running with a large blood-covered knife and knocking Yisrael Meir Nahumberg, 16, off his bicycle before stabbing him in the back.

The assailant, identified as Yusuf Ahmed, 19, from the village of Abuwin, is shown fleeing the scene when he is shot by a border police officer. Ahmed is still holding the bloody knife.

Nahumberg told the Kan broadcaster that police who saw him walking in their direction as he was seeking help told him to move out of the way while they were chasing the terrorist. The teen walked another 500 yards with a bleeding gash in his back to a police station, where he was taken to hospital.

Both victims are in stable condition.

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