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2008 Election

  • Agri fends off Obama, Iowa governor

    Presidential hopeful Barack Obama jumped into the fray over Agriprocessors yesterday by slamming the company for hiring underage workers (more on that here). Coming on the eve of the DNC convention in Denver, the comment predictably got a lot of attention. But it followed a far lengthier and more damning appraisal of the company by… More ▸

  • Dear Barack… Love, Shaul

    Israeli Transportation Minister Shaul Mofaz published an open letter to Barack Obama in today’s Jerusalem Post, reminding the presumptive Democratic presidential candidate that Israel’s struggle for its survival is not yet over. And if anyone’s wondering about the halting pace of progress in the development of Israel’s transportation infrastructure, it’s probably because the transportation minister… More ▸

  • Blacks are turning to Judaism — is it good for the Obamas?

    The Christian Science Monitor takes a look at the “black conversion movement” – as in conversion to Judaism. Numbers are hard to pin down. Besides well-known conversions such as that of the late entertainer Sammy Davis Jr., black Jews remain an unfamiliar part of the American religious landscape. Yet Lewis Gordon, director of the Center… More ▸

  • Rice stands firm on Palestinian elections

    Over at JTA Election Central, we posted on Liz Cheney’s not so veiled swiped at the Bush-Rice policy of pressing for the Palestinian elections that culminated with a Hamas victory. Josh Marshall of TalkingPointsMemo linked to our post, under the headline “All in the Family,” referring to Cheney’s vice-presidential dad. Well, later in the week… More ▸

  • Some Jewish Dems feeling nervous about the presidential race

    I have an article up about the National Jewish Democratic Council event Sunday night, during which several speakers and attendees expressed concerns about Barack Obama’s ability to hold on to Jewish voters. Even NJDC’s executive director, Iran Forman, who generally can be counted on to dismiss GOP predictions of a Jewish shift, was voicing concern… More ▸

  • JTA’s Ron Kampeas goes 1-on-1 with Barack Obama

    JTA’s Ron Kampeas had an exclusive phone interview with Barack Obama earlier today. Among other things, Obama said that it was important for both Israelis and Palestinians to live up to their agreements. Full interview (sorry, the quality isn’t perfect): [audio:/images/archive/040809_obama_kampeas.mp3] For those interested in the Jewciest moment of the discussion, here’s a clip of… More ▸

  • The most biased cable news host in the world…

    Perhaps the highlight of Keith Olbermann’s weeklong fifth anniversary celebration of his MSNBC show “Countdown” has been his back-and-forth with Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell. Olbermann kicked off his big week on Monday by naming Rendell, a big-time Hillary booster, the day’s worst person in the world and suggesting that he might be an idiot. Rendell’s… More ▸

  • Race, gender and Nebraska

    Managing Editor Ami Eden talks with a Democratic fund-raiser about what Nebraska – which holds its primary tomorrow – tells us about race, gender and the fight between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. [audio:/images/archive/020808_eden_wettan.mp3] To subscribe to JTA’s Behind the News podcast, click here. More ▸

  • Rudy’s next step?

    Former JTA staffer Matthew Berger says Giuliani is too much of a leader to take a Cabinet post if the GOP takes the White House. Berger has been following Rudy’s campaign for MSNBC. Click the play button below to listen. [audio:/images/archive/020108_harris_berger.mp3] To subscribe to JTA’s Behind the News podcast, click here. More ▸