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  • Arts & Culture Hitler Gets His 15 Minutes of Fame:

    Can a Jewish filmmaker in Germany turn the Nazi dictator into a joke without trivializing him? Dani Levy says yes; others aren’t so sure. Levy’s new film, “Mein Fuhrer: The Truly Truest Truth about Adolf Hitler,” has received cool reviews across Germany, but theaters reportedly were full on its Jan. 11 opening day. Levy, 49,… More ▸

  • News Brief

    Jewish artists are in the running for the 2007 Grammy awards. reported that last week’s nominees included folk singer Bob Dylan; Israeli producer and engineer Tal Herzberg; pop star Pink; easy listening singer Bette Midler; producer Rick Rubin; Chasidic reggae artist Matisyahu; crooner Harry Connick, Jr.; rocker Mark Knofler; Mel Brooks; songwriter Randy Newman;… More ▸

  • News Brief

    Jews for Jesus apologized to Jewish comedian Jackie Mason in order to settle a lawsuit. The group had distributed a pamphlet over the summer that featured a caricature of Mason and the words: “Jackie Mason … A Jew for Jesus!?” Mason, who is not a Jew for Jesus, sued for $2 million. In federal court… More ▸

  • News Brief

    Posters advertising “Borat” in Israel reportedly were rejected as too racy. Ha’aretz reported Tuesday that film censors nixed images showing Jewish comedian Sacha Baron Cohen’s Kazakh alter-ego wearing only a G-string. More ▸

  • ‘better Than Pork, Isn’t It?’ Jewish Joke Book Turns 25

    Here’s one: Michael Bloomberg walks into a diner and orders coffee and a danish. When the bill comes in at $14, the flummoxed billionaire mayor asks, “What, are danishes so rare in these parts?” “No,” replies the waiter, “but Bloombergs are.” The story is a variation on a joke about Rothschild and 20-ruble eggs made… More ▸

  • News Brief

    Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen substitutes Hebrew for Kazakh in his satirical movie “Borat.” The anti-Semitic Kazakh television personality, one of several satirical creations by Cohen, a British Jew, for his “Ali G” show, appears in his own movie next month. More ▸

  • News Brief

    An Australian comedian apologized for controversial comments he made during his recent stand-up show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland. During his comedy routine, Steve Hughes referred to President Bush’s adviser Richard Perle, saying he wanted to “kill that Jew,” using an expletive. Hughes admitted in his apology that his choice of words “could… More ▸

  • Despite Concerns About Safety, British Jews to Celebrate 350 Years

    Concerns about safety in the wake of the Israel-Hezbollah war, as well as the recently foiled terror plot in London, are creating a cloud over upcoming celebrations of the 350th anniversary of Jews in Britain. On Sept. 17, the yearlong celebration of Oliver Cromwell’s decision to readmit Jews to England 350 years ago is scheduled… More ▸