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  • Record deal for Youngstown’s Jewish rapper

    The student paper at Youngstown State University reports on the record deal signed by 18-year-old Jewish freshman Jonathon Tepper: Tepper, aka Throwback the Jewish King, has just signed a major record deal to New York’s top independent record label, Affluent Records, which has a few other artists such as Outlawz, Dead Prez and Hood Surgeon…. More ▸

  • The other Frank girl

    The New Jersey Jewish News reports on a new musical comedy that looks at life in the annex from the perspective of Anne Frank’s little sister. (What’s next – “Long Night,” a comic romp on Auschwitz from the perspective of an inmate having to listen to Elie Wiesel moralize all the time?): What if Margot,… More ▸

  • The News Shticker

    Jewschool’s Ben Dreyfus posits that Haftarat Zachor + Megillat Esther = The Lord of the Rings (and wonders which is totally plagiarized). What, if anything, does it mean that the comic book industry was so heavily populated by Jews (and, while the Forward is on the topic, Mister E lights the menorah). With the NCAA… More ▸

  • The News Shticker: Jewno, Britney & Mel

    If Juno were Jewno … (Jewschool has more on the story behind the video) Britney removes her Kabbalah tattoo and … does lunch with Mel Gibson. On Shabbos!!! Before the deadly construction accident last weekend, a Jewish octogenarian and retired contractor tried to warn New York officials that a crane on E. 51 St. wasn’t… More ▸

  • The Israeli television invasion

    The Forward’s Rebecca Spence writes about Hollywood’s growing interest in Israeli television shows: As Hollywood executives roll out the red carpet for television shows imported from overseas, Israel is emerging as an unlikely new starlet. In the wake of this season’s new HBO drama, “In Treatment” — the Israeli television hit remade for an American… More ▸

  • One more incentive for peace: A Rami Kashou studio in Ramallah

    Rami Kashou, the Ramallah-born fashion designer who finished a close second on Season 4 of Bravo’s Project Runway, plays the checkpoint card in a Q & A with Jewcy. What about [opening a studio] in your home country? I’d love to open up in more than one country, but with checkpoints in the Middle East,… More ▸

  • The Luck of the Irish Jews

    The Connecticut Jewish Ledger has an article taking a look at how Irish Jews around the world mark St. Patrick’s Day. The Lower East Side The Loyal Yiddish Sons of Erin were a group of Irish-Jewish immigrants in New York City who, at least through the 1960s, would celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with green matzo… More ▸