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  • Exploring the Jewish community press’ election coverage

    Huffington Post’s Tom Edsall, Commentary’s Jennifer Rubin, Politico’s Ben Smith, The Chicago Sun Times’ Lynn Sweet & MSNBC’s Matt Berger participate in the AJPA 2008 Annual Conference, June 24, 2008. Photo by Daniel Sieradski. Earlier today, JTA editor-in-chief Ami Eden moderated a panel on election coverage at the American Jewish Press Association‘s 2008 Annual Conference… More ▸

  • A Philly fund-raiser throws support to Obama

    Jewish attorneys raising money for Democratic presidential candidates is hardly news. Nor is it all that unusual for them to switch allegiances once their favorite is out of the game. Still, not so long ago, at least one of Hillary Clinton’s most ardent supporters and fund-raisers had some major questions about Barack Obama, particularly on… More ▸


    Hey, you like Eric Cantory? Think he’d make a good Veep? Well, look what just came across the transom: News from For more information contact: Conservatives Launch Grassroots Campaign to Influence McCain RICHMOND, VIRGINIA (06/17/2008; 1116)(readMedia)– A group of politically unaffiliated concerned Americans have come together to make a serious effort to change… More ▸

  • Obama is too pro-Israel

    Malik Obama, a Kenyan and the Muslim half-brother of the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, says the Illinois will be good for the Jews. And, following Barack Obama’s speech to AIPAC, other Arab voices are starting to agree (with regret). Muammar Gadhafi didn’t like the speech – he says it shows “that he either ignores international… More ▸

  • Joe home

    As Joe Lieberman campaigns for John McCain and steps up his criticisms of Barack Obama, he faces a growing wave of counterattacks from liberal commentators. Jonathan Chait takes aim in the current issue of the New Republic: There’s hardly any sense in which Lieberman is an independent figure. He’s become a cog in the Republican… More ▸

  • Jewish Dems: McCain adviser has Iran problem

    The National Jewish Democratic Council plays the Iran card against one of McCain’s top donors (and says “Guilt by Associaition” is a game that can be played by both sides): Top McCain Adviser Traded with Iran WASHINGTON, DC – Senator John McCain’s Chief Economic Adviser, Carly Fiorina, was CEO of Hewlett-Packard (HP) when the company… More ▸

  • Obama and Lieberman

    Jake Tapper of ABC News has the skinny on the Obama-Lieberman exchange on the Senate floor after Joe criticized the Illinois senator’s AIPAC speech. Neither party is officially talking. But while Lieberman spokesman Marshall Whitman says the conversation was “a cordial and friendly discussion” and Obama campaign spokesman Bill Burton says it was “private and… More ▸