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  • Dutch Guiana Plans to Issue Three New Stamps Bearing Jewish Themes

    The restoration of a 283-year-old synagogue in Surinam, Dutch Guiana, will be commemorated by a new postage stamp to be issued by that colony on the northeast coast of South America, it was reported here today. Surinam will issue two other stamps related to Its Jewish community, one of the oldest in the Western Hemisphere…. More ▸

  • Israel Offers Aid to British Guiana; Honors Premier of New Country

    Acting Premier Levi Eshkol, speaking at a luncheon in honor or British Guiana Premier Cheddi Jagan, voiced Israel’s readiness to provide aid to the new country. “If you feel we can be of help to your people and land in any manner, we will he happy to do what we can,” he said. Premier Jagan… More ▸

  • French Government Willing to Admit Displaced Jews into Guiana, Freeland League Report

    The French Government is prepared to consider the admission of Jewish refugees into French Guiana, it was reported here today by the Freeland League for Jewish Territorial Colonization. Dr. I.N. Steinberg, secretary-general of the League, who has just returned from a five-month tour of Europe, disclosed that the French Colonial Minister, Marius Moutet, wrote him… More ▸

  • Plan for Settling 500 Refugees in British Guiana to Be Ready Soon

    A scheme for settlement of refugees in British Guiana is expected to be ready in two months, it was disclosed today by Roland Robinson, Member of Parliament and chairman of the largest gold-producing company in Guiana, after an informal conference with Colonial Secretary Malcolm MacDonald. The plan is to be sponsored by the Coordinating Foundation… More ▸

  • Britain Would Push Guiana Plan on Private Basis, Emerson States

    Although the question of refugee settlement in British Guiana is being held in abeyance because of the war, the British Government would be sympathetic towards pursuing the scheme if any private organizations were able to furnish the necessary funds, Sir Herbert Emerson, director of the Intergovernmental Committee on Refugees, told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency today…. More ▸

  • Britain Balks at Increased Entry to Dominions; Guiana Plan Only Delayed

    Government spokesmen in the House of Commons today turned down a proposal to seek increased refugee immigration into the Dominions and neutral countries, and stated that the Guiana settlement plan was only temporarily halted. Foreign Undersecretary Richard A. Butler rejected a proposal of Miss Eleanor Rathbone, Independent, that the Government approach the United States and… More ▸

  • British Guiana Refugee Project Dropped for Present, Commons Told

    The British Guiana refugee settlement project, which had been originally schedule to start in the fall, has been temporarily suspended, the House of Commons has been informed by Colonial Secretary Malcolm MacDonald. Outbreak of the war, MacDonald said, had caused postponement of plans by voluntary organizations to establish a corporation for execution of the project. More ▸

  • Powers Urged to Aid Guiana Financing

    It is improper for the Government to hold out promises for large-scale settlement in British Guiana while placing financial responsibility on private organizations, the Manchester Guardian declared editorially. The future of Guiana settlement is too doubtful for limited private resources to be expended for it, the editorial said. The scheme will depend on the financial… More ▸

  • British Group Considers Guiana Proposals; Additions to Report Issued

    A subcommittee of the Coordinating Committee on Refugees, it was officially stated today, is considering proposals arising out of the report of the Guiana investigating commission and will in due course submit its proposal to President Roosevelt’s Advisory Committee on Refugees. The report, which was made public on May 10, said land suitable for ultimate… More ▸