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  • Israel Negotiates Trade Pacts with Rumania. Bulgaria, Iceland

    Extension of a trade agreement with Rumania, and the negotiation of trade pacts with Bulgaria and Iceland, were announced here today by the Foreign Ministry. The pacts were negotiated by Israeli delegates at last week’s annual meeting of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, in Geneva. The Rumanian agreement, renewed for a year, provides… More ▸

  • Reuven Iceland Noted Jewish Poet and Essayist, Dies at 71

    Funeral services were held here yesterday for Reuven Iceland noted Jewish poet and essayist who died in Miami Beach Sunday at the age of Mr.### nd, who had been a member of the Jewish Day staff for many years, was the author of a number of books. He was born in Radomyszi, Galicia, and came… More ▸

  • First Jewish Community is Being Established in Iceland, Jwb Reports

    With the arrival of British and American troops in Iceland, a Jewish community is springing up there for the first time in the history of the Island, the Jewish Welfare Board reported today. The country’s first Bar Mitzvah for a Jewish boy took place recently and its first synagogue has been opened by the Jewish… More ▸

  • Jewish Refugees in Iceland Help British Air Fund

    There is a colony of about 50 German refugees, mostly Jews, in Iceland, The Evening Standard correspondent there states. They have to report each week to the British Security Corps, and most of them on their weekly visit buy at least one ticket, costing one kroner (ninepence) in the “Spitfire” Lottery. According to a report… More ▸