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  • The man behind the spy charges

    The day after reporters flocked to a courtroom in downtown Manhattan to catch a glimpse of the 84-year-old New Jersey retiree arrested this week for spying for Israel, reporters converged on the man’s hometown of Monroe, N.J. to talk to friends, neighbors and anyone else willing to spill what they knew of the alleged spy,… More ▸

  • So you say you’re a Jew … Prove it!

    Writing in the New York Times Magazine, Gershom Gorenberg reports on the struggles of American Jews forced to deal with the Israeli Chief Rabbinate. The problem, Gorenberg asserts, is that proving you are Jewish to the Israeli religious establishment has become increasingly difficult – “especially if you came to Israel from the United States.” In… More ▸

  • JPOST: It’s not clear if we can all just get along

    The Jerusalem Post has an editorial Friday voicing skepticism over reports that Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is set to “commit Israel to a much more intensive engagement with the Jewish communities of the Diaspora.” Nothing that has leaked out of the first discussion on the issue, held at the Prime Minister’s Office on Wednesday,… More ▸