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  • Commentary’s way of saying thank you…

    Remember how happy you were to get the football alarm clock with your subscription to Sports Illustrated? Now Commentary is offering something even better… Dear Former Subscriber: You already know that COMMENTARY delivers in-depth, thought-provoking analysis of the great events in our politics and culture. There is no substitute for what COMMENTARY provides – certainly… More ▸

  • AJC to Cable networks: Say no to immigrant bashers

    We still can’t believe that Abe Foxman and Lou Dobbs won’t say anything about the CNN host’s recent bashing of the ADL (these aren’t exactly guys you associate with “no comment”). But American Jewish Committee is now wading into the debate, with a statement criticizing some of the guests on Dobbs’ program and other cable… More ▸

  • In Seattle, the V-word is cool for shul, but not the local paper

    The image on the left is plastered all over Seattle-area synagogues, plus the local Jewish newspaper. But it’s too hot for the Seattle Times. On the right is the image on the Web site of the Seattle chapter of the National Council of Jewish Women. And, to think, it was only a few years ago… More ▸

  • You can’t even read the articles

    A month or so back, JTA’s Jacob Berkman reported on one Jewish organization’s plan (later dropped) to auction off a subscription to Playboy and a trip to the mansion. What we missed (yes, I know this is old) was the bigger scandal: the magazine’s anti-Israel bias. Just when you thought it was safe to read… More ▸

  • Larry King: Jerry who?

    My standard joke on Larry King is that he could have Adolf Hitler on for two hours and the Holocaust would not come up. But Jerry Seinfeld may have outdone me… All that said, maybe Jerry needs to lighten up. More ▸

  • Does Maxim have a Jewess problem?

    Forget about The New York Times Magazine. Maxim this week released its list of the five “unsexiest women alive.” See if you notice a pattern: Sarah Jessica Parker (Jewess) Amy Winehouse (Jewess) Sandra Oh (plays Jewess on top-rated television drama) Madonna (Kabbalist) Britney Spears (ex-Kabbalist) UPDATE: I’ve received some complaints from Maxim fans who say… More ▸

  • Does the NYT Magazine have a Jewish problem?

    The public editor of The New York Times, Clark Hoyt, recently gave a real spanking to the Sunday magazine and Deborah Solomon over her approach to the weekly "Questions For" feature. Next time he has the magazine on the brain, maybe he could get to a question that’s been bugging me for months: Does the… More ▸

  • Heeb’s obsession

    Back in August I moderated a panel discussion at the 92nd St Y titled “The Evolving Landscape in ‘New’ Jewish Media.” My favorite moment came when I asked Rebecca Wiener of Heeb if it was fair to say that her magazine had made its mark by pushing the envelope on sex. She blushed, and seemed… More ▸