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National Jewish Workers Alliance

  • American Group Appeals for Funds to Aid Persecuted Zionists in Eastern Europe

    Zionist labor groups here today issued an emergency appeal for funds to aid persecuted Zionists in countries behind the Iron Curtain. The call was issued following a special conference held at the Hotel Astor attended by representatives of all branches of the labor Zionist movement in the United States. The meeting was addressed by Baruch… More ▸

  • American Jewish Conference Concludes Debate on Palestine; Discusses Jews in Europe

    Following conclusion of a full-dress debate on Palestine, which was marked by a powerful plea by Dr. Abba Hillel Silver for an unequivocal declaration by the gathering favoring the establishment of a Jewish Commonwealth, the Conference entered its second phase today, devoting the entire afternoon session to discussing the fate of the Jews in Europe…. More ▸

  • National Labor Group for Palestine Holding Ninth Convention Here

    The National Labor Committee for Palestine, comprising about 50,000 individual members and 900 affiliated organizations with a combined membership of 250,000, is now in session at the ninth annual convention which opened Friday night at the Hotel Pennsylvania. Since its organization ten years ago the committee has raised a million dollars which was used in… More ▸

  • Labor Committee Conclave Will Fight Immigration Bar

    Action will be taken against restrictions placed on Jewish immigration in Palestine by the British government at the ninth annual convention of the National Labor Committee for Palestine to be held here Dec. 2. The convention will be attended by delegates of chapters of the National Jewish Workers Alliance throughout the country. Headquarters for the… More ▸

  • Labor Groups Launch Five-year Program to Aid Declassed Jews in Russia

    A $1,000,000 national campaign to extend over a period of five-years will be undertaken by the labor groups in the United States, to buy tools and raw materials to aid the 1,000,000 declassed Jews in Soviet Russia. A call to all labor groups and Landsmanschaften in the United States to participate in the work will… More ▸

  • Workers Organization Launches $300,000 Drive for Palestine Settlers

    With the unanmious consent of 586 delegates, representing 34 states and 6 provinces in Canada, the National Jewish Workers Alliance, meeting in its fourth annual convention, pledged itself to raise the sum of $300,000, in the course of the year 1929. At a mass meeting and reception Sunday evening at the Manhattan Opera House, in… More ▸