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  • Behind the Headlines Portugal Has Until November 7 to Decide Whether to Oust Trifa

    On November 7, immigration authorities in Lisbon will have to decide what to do about the notorious cleric, Archbishop Valerian Trifa, who was granted a temporary three-month visa by Portugal, the only country to accept him after he was ordered deported from the United States. Trifa left the U.S. on August 13. The Portuguese government… More ▸

  • Portugal Will Honor Commitment to Open a Resident Embassy in Israel

    Premier Shimon Peres has received personal assurances from Premier Mario Suarez of Portugal that he will honor the commitment he gave Peres some time ago to open a resident Embassy in Israel when Peres becomes Prime Minister. The message was delivered by Jose Luis Nunes, a key Suarez political aide, who called on Peres here… More ▸

  • Portugal Says No Country Has Asked for Trifa’s Extradition

    Portuguese officials said today that they have received no request from any country for the extradition of Rumanian Orthodox Archbishop Valerian Trifa who was deported from the United States for his role in the fascist Iron Guard that killed thousands of Jews during World War II. Trifa arrived in Lisbon last week with a short-term… More ▸

  • Special Interview an Old Man is Disappointed with Trifa’s Entry into Portugal

    The 87-year-old dentist, Charles Kremer, who has been involved in the years-long efforts to have Archbishop Valerian Trifa deported from the United States for his wartime activities as a leader in the Rumanian Iron Guard, said today that he was “deeply shocked and disappointed” that Trifa has been allowed to gain legal entry into Portugal…. More ▸

  • Trifa Has Left the U.S. for Portugal; Justice Official Says Trifa Will Never Return to the U.S.

    Archbishop Valerian Trifa, who was ordered deported from the United States in October, 1982, for his activities in leading the Rumanian Iron Guard in a pogrom against Jews in 1941, left the U.S. yesterday for Portugal, the Justice Department announced today. “Mr. Trifa’s departure is permanent,” Stephen Trott, Assistant Attorney General, criminal division, said at… More ▸

  • Israeli Freighter Rescues 21 Seamen from Portuguese Tanker

    An Israeli freighter rescued 21 seamen from a foundering Portuguese tanker in stormy seas west of Gibraltar last night. Capt. Ogen Dadiani, master of the containership Livorno which is operated by the Zim Lines, reported the rescue by wireless to the company’s head office in Haifa. The Livorno, bound from New York to Haifa, was… More ▸

  • Rabbi Eliezer Portugal Dead at 86

    Rabbi Eliezer Portugal, the rebbe of the Skullener Hasidim, who was repeatedly imprisoned in his native Rumania for helping hundreds of Jews to emigrate to Israel, died in Brooklyn yesterday at the age of 86. His body was temporarily buried in Brooklyn pending transfer to Israel for permanent interment. Thousands of Hasidic Jews filled the… More ▸