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Saudi Arabia

  • Saudi Prince’s Peace Initiative Gets Interest in Mideast, Washington

    A new Saudi peace initiative has created a stir in the Middle East and drawn Israeli interest. The initiative, which Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah outlined in a recent interview with New York Times journalist Thomas Friedman, calls for Israel to withdraw to its pre-Six-Day War boundaries in exchange for full diplomatic relations, normalized trade and… More ▸

  • Lawmaker Backs Saudi, Saying U.S. Mideast Policy Should Change

    U.S. Jewish leaders are incensed over comments from a congresswoman who sought to tie last month’s terror attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon to American support for Israel. Giuliani objected to the prince’s comment that the terrorist attacks should cause America to “adopt a more balanced stance toward the Palestinian cause.” In a… More ▸

  • Saudi Arabia to U.S. Jews: Relations with Israel Will Come

    Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister told Jewish organizational leaders this week that his country would be ready for normalized diplomatic relations with Israel as soon as the Jewish state makes peace with its neighbors and that American Jews should lend their full support to the Israeli government in its quest for peace. Saud al-Faisal made the… More ▸

  • U.S. Naval Officer Charged with Spying for Saudi Arabia

    A U.S. naval officer has been charged with espionage after he was accused of supplying government secrets to Saudi Arabia. The Navy has accused Lt. Cmdr. Michael Schwartz of passing information to Saudi Arabia’s military from November 1992 to September 1994 while he was assigned to the U.S. Military Training Mission in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia,… More ▸

  • Saudi Officials Assure Ajcommittee They Won’t Use Controversial Satellite

    Saudi Arabian officials assured the American Jewish Committee this week that they have no intention of using data from a controversial spy satellite for military purposes. The assurances came as AJCommittee leaders were in Riyadh as guests of Saudi King Fahd. “We came to learn about a country that until recent years was not accessible… More ▸

  • Saudi Bid to Join Gatt Facing Opposition over Boycott Stance

    Pro-Israel forces and their supporters in Congress are seeking to block a bid by Saudi Arabia to join the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade until it abandons the Arab boycott of companies doing business with Israel. Rep. Sam Gejdenson (D-Conn.) introduced a resolution in the House of Representatives last Friday opposing the Saudi bid… More ▸

  • Saudi King Speaks of Benefits of Ending Arab War with Israel

    Optimistic statements about the prospect of peace with Israel, made last week by King Fahd of Saudi Arabia and Jordanian Prime Minister Abdul Salam al-Majali, represent a positive change in attitude, according to Israeli officials. In a lengthy and wide-ranging message to 2 million Moslem pilgrims who came to Mecca last week for the annual… More ▸

  • Man Identified by Visa As Jewish Decides Not to Go to Saudi Arabia

    After a month of off-again, on-again negotiations, a Los Angeles businessman has decided not to go to Saudi Arabia because his visa identifies him as Jewish. John Schwartz sought early last month to fly to Saudi Arabia to enter bids in an auction of U.S. war surplus materiel left behind at the end of the… More ▸

  • Saudi Arabia Reverses Decision, Will Allow Jew to Enter Country

    Hastily reversing an earlier decision, the Saudi Arabian government has promised to allow an American Jewish scrap metal dealer to enter the country and participate in an auction of U.S. war surplus material in the Arab kingdom. In a phone call Tuesday, an official of the Saudi embassy in Washington notified Los Angeles businessman John… More ▸