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  • Mander of Jewish Concentration Camps in Slovakia Sentenced to 30 Years Imprisonment

    Imrich Vasina, a former commander of Jewish concentration camps in Bratislava and in Sered, Slovakia, was sentenced today to thirty ## imprisonment by the National Court in Bratislava. Thousands of Czechs and Jews from all parts of Czechoslovakia made a pilgrim## this week to Terezin, the fortress town which was converted by the Nazis into… More ▸

  • S.s. Leader Who Commanded Ghetto Hanged in Czechoslovakia for Crimes Against Jews

    An Austrian S.S. leader named Knollmayer, who was vice-commander of the concentration camp at Sered, was hanged today following his conviction by a People’s Court at Bratislava. Knollmayer, 24, achieved notoriety in 1944 when he shot and killed the rabbi of Piestany and other Jews. Meanwhile, the long-drawn-out trial of Anton Vasek, Slovak puppet official,… More ▸

  • Survey of Situation of Jews in Balkans and Occupied Territory Made by JDC Director

    An over-all report on the situation of the Jews in the Balkans, Hungary, Austria and Italy was given here by Dr. Joseph Schwartz, European director of the Joint Distribution Committee, who has just returned from Switzerland. Revealing that JDC aid is even going to Jews in still-occupied territories and battle areas, Dr. Schwartz said in… More ▸

  • 1,300 Jews from Hungary Arrive in Switzerland; Interned in Refugee Camp

    A group of 1,300 Jews from Hungary has arrived in Switzerland and has been interned near Montreaux. They are the first to arrive here since the pro-Nazi Szalasi Government launched its violent anti-Jewish drive. The newspaper Fueggetlenseg, semi-official organ of the Hungarian Foreign Ministry, reports that the government has ordered the confiscation of all supplies… More ▸

  • War Refugee Board Releases Report on Extermination of Millions of Jews in Nazi Camps

    The Executive Office of the President through the War Refugee Board today made public two eye-witness reports of the horrible and barbarous events which occurred in the two notorious extermination camps — Auschwitz (Oswiecim) and Brikenau — in Upper Silesia. The sixty-page horror story, containing details and statistics of the murders in these camps, is… More ▸

  • Chief Rabbi of Sered Dies on Way to Polish Concentration Camp

    Chief Rabbi M. Eckstein, of Sered, Slovakia, has died on his way to a Polish concentration camp, according to a report received by the Agudath Israel Organization here from Slovakia via Switzerland. Rabbi Eckstein was a member of the Central Council of the Agudath Israel World Organization and vice-president of its Czechoslovak branch. More ▸

  • Slovakia Will Deport 11,500 Jews from Bratislava to Ghettos in Remote Places

    The first "Jewish train" to transport Jews deported from large cities in Slovakia to ghettos in remote provincial townships is now being assembled in Bratislava, according to information reaching the Czechoslovak government here today. Early in November the train will carry 1,500 Jews from Bratislava to ghettos in Sered, Novaky and Orgulas. 10,000 more Jews… More ▸

  • Jews Shun City Streets As Month-long Terror Reign Continues in Slovakia

    Terror stalks through the streets of the Jewish quarters of Bratislava and other Slovakian towns swept by a wave of violence against the Jewish population which began early this month, was climaxed on Friday, Aug. 11, with six hours of systematic destruction in Bratislava and is continuing throughout the “protectorate” in the form of personal… More ▸