Understanding our advertisement disclosure policies

As a nonprofit, 70 Faces Media (including JTA, Nosher, Hey Alma, Kveller, MyJewishLearning, and The New York Jewish Week), depends on a combination of grassroots donations, institutional funding and business income to operate. Advertisements and sponsorships are an important piece of that. In keeping with 70 Faces Media’s commitment to transparency and to the integrity of our editorial content, we seek to be as clear as possible by labeling any advertising or sponsored content using the guidelines below.

JTA reserves the right to decline any advertisement at our discretion.

Advertisement: Any graphic advertisement or text ad labeled as an advertisement represents paid advertising.

Paid Post: An advertisement in the form of content (article or video).

Sponsored Content: 70 Faces Media content produced in partnership with a third-party sponsor. In such cases, the article (or video) is labeled at the top as Sponsored and runs with a tagline at the end noting that it was sponsored by and produced in partnership with the third party. JTA’s editorial team is not involved in the production of such content.

Underwriting: 70 Faces Media content underwritten by a third-party sponsor but produced by our editorial team free of third-party interference. In such cases, the third-party sponsor chooses which broad area of coverage to support, and the sponsor is identified at the bottom of the article (or in the video) as the underwriter.

Product Hyperlinks: Some products mentioned in 70 Faces Media content may be hyperlinked to pages on Amazon or other e-commerce sites where purchases are possible. Through standard affiliate programs, 70 Faces Media gets referral fees if clicks from those links result in purchases.

Social Media Promotions: Social media pages affiliated with 70 Faces Media properties occasionally promote third-party events, products or content as part of sponsorship or advertising deals. In such cases, the social media post includes a note indicating sponsorship.

Email Blasts: Sent to our newsletter lists, third-party email blasts are sent from a dedicated email address labeled “Promotions” and include advertising disclosures in the email.