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Plan Hebrew Educational Centre in Berlin

A meeting has been held here on the initiative of the Berlin “Beth Waad”, of representatives now in Berlin of various Jewish cultural organizations, and it has been decided to establish a Hebrew Educational centre, Tarbuth, in Berlin.

The objects will include the gathering of statistical materials regarding Jewish cultural activity in various countries, especially in connection with education, and to make arrangements for the convocation of a Jewish cultural congress. The centre is seeking to get into touch with Jewish cultural organizations in all countries and will publish bulletins dealing with Jewish cultural activity everywhere.

A central committee has been formed, consisting of Messrs. M. Aronsohn, Dr. S. Bernfeld, S. Ben Zion, Dr. M. Helfman, Z. Wislawski, H. Chermoni, Dr. Loewenstein, D. Mierenburg, S. Pugatshow, Engineer Kuzenok, Dr. A. Katzenelson, D. Krupnik, M. Kleinmann and Dr. Rosenstein.