Roumanian Jewish Editor Fatally Wounded by Fascisti
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Roumanian Jewish Editor Fatally Wounded by Fascisti

The editor of the Roumanian paper “Adverul”, Rosenthal, was attacked and mortally wounded by a Fascisti, named Bacloglu, while standing at the Hotel Boulevard.

Rosenthal was removed to a hospital, suffering from concussion of the brain. He is not expected to live.

Bacloglu told the police that he had attacked Rosenthal because the editor had charged in his paper that Bacloglu’s sister was the Roumanian intermediary for the Italian Fascisti.

According to the police, the attack on Rosenthal was part of a general plot of wholesale assassinations concocted by the Roumanian Fascisti. Codreanu, one of the Fascisti leaders held in connection with the murder plot has admitted to the police that the list of victims slated for assassination beginning with Rosenthal included Filderman, the Ministers Banu, Florescu, Constantinescu and Marcesu.