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Bucharest Chassidim Flock to Youthful “wonder Rabbi”

Summoned by telegraph by local Chassidic devotees, the youthful Rebbe Abraham Ovics of Marmaros-Zegat, reputed to possess supernatural powers which come to him as a Cabbalist and son of a Cabbalist, is sojourning temporarily here and is receiving tribute which surpasses that which had been showered upon his father.

The wonder rabbi received a stirring reception at the station here, Chassidim, aged as well as young, surging around him to kiss the hem of his garments. The “Rebbe” is a youth of 22, of dwarfed stature, measuring only 70 centimeters in height. His father before him, Isaac Ovics, also dwarfed, and a much revered miracle worker, died two months ago. The son is said to excel his father as a Cabbalist.

The miracle worker’s temporary residence here is the shrine of all Chassidim who flock to him for advice of all kinds.