Refuse to Finance Jewish Ministry in Lithuania
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Refuse to Finance Jewish Ministry in Lithuania

Financial support for the maintenance of the Ministry for Jewish Affairs was declined by a vote of the National Assembly rejecting upon the third reading the bill providing for the continuance of the meager subsidy. The Ministry for the affairs of the White Russian population was accorded a similar treatment. This means the abolition of both special ministries which had been in existence, although without portfolios, since the constituent assembly in Lithuania.

The Jewish deputies voted against the entire budget as a protest against the action with regard to the Jewish Ministry.

The move against the Ministry was taken in the absence from the country of Dr. Sampson Rosenbaum, the Minister for Jewish Affairs who is in London. Dr. Rosenbaum is raising funds for the support of the autonomous Jewish institutions in Lithuania/His statements upon the position of the Lithuanian Jews have been very favorable. Speaking before the Board of Jewish Deputies in London, Dr. Rosenbaum asserted proudly that Lithuania was the only country to permit a Jewish Ministry.

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