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National Minorities Representatives Demonstrate Against Treatment of Polish Government

Stormy scenes took place in the Polish Diet when the Minister of Religions and Education, Prof. Miklaszewski, appeared before the House. Representatives of the national minorities, especially those of the White Russians and the Ukrainians protested violently against the treatment accorded by the Polish Government to the national minorities in Poland.

They claimed that compulsory Polonization is being carried on to such an extent that even the prayer houses of the Greek Orthodox denomination are being turned into Catholic churches. The representatives of the Jewish Sejm Club also participated.

protesting against the Numerus Clausus which is being practiced against Jewish students. Replying to the Jewish deputies, the Minister of Education stated that there was no Numerus Clausus in existence, and asserted that the number of Jewish students in the Polish High Schools amounted to 23% and in the colleges to 25%.

The national minorities representatives left the House in protest, singing national songs.