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Jewish Soldier’s Ghost Protests Christian Burial

There appeared before the Kehillah (Jewish Community) a few days ago the sexton of a Christian cemetery in Czenstochow and told a story of a ghost which seems to have foundation in fact. The sexton told the members of the Kehilla for a number of nights in succession there appeared to him in a dream a dead soldier who complained that though he was a Jew he had been buried in a Christian cemetery. The appiration threatened to strangle the sexton unless he informed the Kehillah. After hearing the sexton’s story, Rabbi Asch convoked a meeting of the elders of the community. When the elders assembled a Jewess from a neighboring town came before them declaring that on the previous night her son had appeared to her in a dream to tell her that he had been buried with Christian ceremony in Czenstochow, urging her to obtain a reburial. The elders investigated at the military hospital and discovered that during a recent Bolsheyik invasion a wounded soldier had been brought to Czenstochow and had died in the hospital. In the absence of documents of identification, he was buried in a Christian cemetery. The mother produced proof of identity and the authorities have accordingly ordered reburial in a Jewish cemetery.