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Roumanian Government Suppresses Anti-semitis, Prince Bibesco Tells Philadelphia Jews

Everything possible is being done in Roumania to suppress anti-Semitism, Prince Antoine Bibesco, Roumanian Minister to the United States, assured the mass meeting of Roumanian Jews held in a synagogue here Sunday afternoon. The Prince was the guest of the Federation of Roumanian Jews of Philadelphia at their annual meeting.

“Roumania is working hard to realize the ideal government in which the minority has a voice as well as the majority,” he said. “This ideal was one of the results of the last great war. In building up anew, the government has gone ahead with the opinions of both sides in view.

“Agitators are being arrested daily and their cases given the utmost that the law allows. Nothing is spared to make Roumania, as far as possible, a country with equal rights for all. The Jews, for that reason, are enjoying a protection that is not found everywhere in Europe. This is all being done with no Jew among the high officials. The Jews of Philadelphia can feel safe that their relatives and friends in the old land will not be molested,” the Prince concluded.