Conference for Understanding Between Jews and Christians Called in London
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Conference for Understanding Between Jews and Christians Called in London

Christian and Jewish organizations, churches and synagogues, will participate in a unique Christian and Jewish Educational Conference which will be opened here on November 27 at the Liberal Synagogue under the leadership of Claude Montefiore, English scholar and philanthropist, for the purpose of discussing the possibility of an understanding between Christianity and Judaism on the grounds of common belief.

The initiative for this Conference was taken by the Social Service Committee of the Liberal Synagogue. They hope to bring about a closer relationship between religious Jews and Christians. While they do not desire to ignore the fundamental difference between Judaism and Christianity, they strive, at least, to minimize the differences separating Christianity and Judaism and they believe in a possible approach to the subject on the grounds of common belief in God, which is fundamentally in both religions, it was declared today.

The religious bodies and organizations who have already agreed to participate in this Conference include the Church of England, Congregationalists, Wesleyans, Presbyterians, the Quakers and Unitarians. Claude Montefiore will speak on the subject, “Jews and Christians”. Other topics which will be discussed at the conference are “Education of the Young in Social Responsibility”; “School and Home”; “Dynamic Force of the Belief in God”; “The Responsibility of Organized Religion”.

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