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Jewish Children in Russia Ignorant of Communism, Yiddish Organ Complains

Dissatisfaction at the fact that the children in the Jewish Children’s Homes in Soviet Russia are not given sufficient Communist education is expressed in an article today in the Yiddish Communist organ here, the “Emess.” The writer, who has been conducting a campaign on behalf of the Jewish “pioneers” who are organized in the Communist Child Movement, states that he has visited many Jewish children’s homes and he finds among the children an appalling ignorance of Communism and an absolute indifference to what it stands for. This is particularly so among the older children between 14 and 16.

The fault, he declares, lies with the administrators and teachers at these Jewish children’s homes, who are not Communists. The only way out of the difficulty is to appoint only Communists to such positions. The local educational authorities, he complains, are not taking sufficient interest in the affairs of the Jewish children’s homes. The attitude also of the local Young Communist organizations in regard to the work among the Jewish children is not sympathetic. When he applied to the secretary of the organization for the Province of Homel that a Communist should be sent as instructor to a Jewish Children’s home containing about 70 Jewish children, the reply was that it was not worth while.