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2,194 Immigrants from Poland and Russia; 22,040 from Germany and Great Britain

According to figures made public today by the Department of State, 1,496 visas have already been granted to quota immigrants from Poland. There still remain 4,486 to fill Poland’s quota.

European and Asiatic Russia has received 698 visas of its quota of 2248.

Roumania has sent 173 emigrants out of. 603 to which it is entitled under the quota law.

Of Palestine’s quota of 100 only 4 visas have been granted, while Syria has received 14 of its quota of 100. Iraq and the Arabian Peninsula have not made use of any of their quota.

Latvia has used 79 of its quota of 142. Lithuania 265 of its quota of 344. Esthonia has received 51 visas of its quota of 124.

Austria has sent 253 immigrants of a total of 785. Hungary 118 of 473. Germany 10,292 of its quota 51,227, Great Britain 11,748 of 34,007.