Rabbi Cook to Be Granted Audience with King George
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Rabbi Cook to Be Granted Audience with King George

A reception in honor of Rabbi A I. Cook, Chief Rabbi of Palestine, took place here today. Rabbi Hertz, Chief Rabbi of Great Britain, who presided over the gathering, praised the work of Rabbi Cook who “has accomplished much for the Jewish theological seminaries and religious schools of Palestine. The dream of Rabbi Cook is to see the realization of a central Jewish theological academy in Palestine, Dr. Hertz stated.

Nachum Sokolow, chairman of the Zionist World Organization Executive, expressed appreciation for the successful work of Rabbi Cook in America and appealed to British Jewry to help make Palestine the center of Jewish learning.

Rabbi Cook, in reply, summarized his impressions of his stay in America and declared that the situation of the Jews in America is better than anywhere else. “The Jewish people, however, as a whole should regard Palestine as their home. Jerusalem is also called Zion and in rebuilding Palestine we ought to see to it that we rebuild not only a secular home, but also a Holy City,” the Rabbi stated.

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