Solomon Levitan State Treasurer by Great Majority
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Solomon Levitan State Treasurer by Great Majority

Figures made available by the Secretary of State’s office today showed that Solomon Levitan, State Treasurer, received a total of 491,224 votes as compared with 164,780 cast for his Democratic opponent in the November election.

Mr. Levitan’s vote was second only to that of Fred R. Zimmerman, Secretary of State, who led his ticket with 509,771. Other state officers ranked as follows in their total vote: Herman Ekern, Attorney General, 490,419; Henry Huber, Lieutenant Governor, 433,106; John J. Blaine, Governor, 412,255. Indications were that Mr. Levitan had carried every county in the state.

“Mr. Levitan’s showing is particularly gratifying in view of the fact that he made no campaign for the general election”, said Kenneth E. Olson, his campaign manager, in a statement issued today.

That “Old Sol”, probably the most unique figure in American public life today, has won a place in the hearts of Wisconsin people by his rugged honesty and his unswerving loyalty to the best interests of his state, is attested by the fact that with one exception he received more votes than any other candidate in the election.