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Polish Government Ignores Parliament in Approval of Bill Affecting 32,000 Jewish Families

The bill concerning the withdrawal of the concession on monopolized articles, which threatens the existence of many Jewish families, was approved today by the Polish Cabinet without being submitted to a vote in Parliament. The bill will become a law on the approval of the President.

This action of the government was taken in spite of promises given to Jewish and Polish representatives of merchants that the bill would be modified in such a way that it would not immediately affect the present concessionaires.

Deputy Reich, in behalf of the Club of Jewish Deputies, read in parliament today a protest against the decision of the Cabinet and pointed out the fact that the bill will ruin thirty-two thousand Jewish families, who will be added to the number of those Jewish artisans and merchants who were economically ruined by the taxation policy of the present government.

The Jewish deputies will therefore vote against the preliminary budget, Dr. Reich declared.

The Jewish deputies left the meeting as a sign of protest, followed by the laughter of the members of the Right and Left parties.