Rapid Increase of Immigration to Canada Reported
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Rapid Increase of Immigration to Canada Reported

The steps taken during the last year in the Dominion of Canada to increase her immigration indicate a rapid increase in the future, although during the first nine months of 1924 the number of new residents, 109,092, was only 2,119 more than in the same period last year; states a Canadian Pacific bulletin.

“The chief accomplishment of the year has been the laying of the foundation for a sound and intelligent immigration policy, for in no previous year has there been so much interest in Canada, evinced in foreign countries,” the statement says.

Canada was visited during the year by a number of officials, delegations, parties of writers and independent journalists from Great Britain, Belgium, Switzerland, the Scandinavian countries, Holland, Russia and elsewhere, “all interested in the economics of the country and primarily interested in finding settlement possibilities for the nationals of their own countries.” The Hebridean delegation has reported favorably concerning the islanders already settled in Canada, and the possibilities for a future movement on a larger scale, while the British committee sent over by the Labor Government to investigate the juvenile immigration movement, stated that “only two farms were found where the course of training and general conditions were not favorable to the young immigrants.”

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