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Louis Marshall Points to Patriotism of Samuel Compers and Julius Kahn Pleading for Admission of Jewi

The figures of Samuel Gompers and Julius Kahn, emigrant Jews, who rose to great eminence in this country because of their patriotism and devotion, were painted by Louis Marshall, Chairman of the Emergency Committee on Jewish Refugees in an appeal to members and worshippers of the Central and Free Synagogues on behalf of the 15,000 Jews stranded in various European seaports and in Cuba. In response to this appeal the sum upward of $5,000 was contributed immediately.

“We are seeking now to reach the hearts and to touch the consciences of men who have the making of our laws in order to induce them to clean the official slate of our immigration department, to honor the passports or the visas upon passports lawfully issued under due authority, so that it may not be said that what is in effect the signature of the United States has been dishonored”, Mr. Marshall declared. “We hope to succeed. We may not. We hope that public opinion may be aroused to ask this act of justice. It may not. We cannot believe that those whose actions were shaped in reliance upon what they had the moral right to regard as official permission to enter the United States if they were mentally, morally and physically fit, will be condemned to die in despair,” he stated.

“At all events there are those who must be cared for. Whether these unfortunates may be permitted to sail or not, we feel that we need Five Hundred Thousand Dollars to deal with this urgent situation”, Mr. Marshall said.