Organization of 3000 Jewish Land Settling Families Commences in Ukraine
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Organization of 3000 Jewish Land Settling Families Commences in Ukraine

All Jews who wish to settle on the land in the Ukraine are to organize into land settling companies, each of which is to comprise not less than ten families, according to a circular issued by the Ukrainian Agricultural Commissariat with regard to the colonization plans to settle three thousand Jewish families on the land during the year 1925.

Membership in the proposed land settling companies is open to workingmen who are employed or unemployed, to former farmers, to unemployed clerks, former tradesmen, artisans, “kustars” and small traders. Each company may be comprised of members belonging to any or all the categories.

The formation of the land settling companies and the division of the land among these companies will be completed not later than February 1st. According to the plan, 900 families are to settle in the district of Podol; 900 in the district of Kieff; 600 in the district of Wolyn; 250 in the district of Tchernigoff; 350 in the vicinity of Poltava. Each family will receive ten desiatin of land.

No misunderstandings with local communities are likely to arise and no claims by neighboring peasants can be made in connection with the settlement of the 3000 families, because all the land has been allotted from state colonization reserves.

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